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Onyx & Ash is video and photo production company focusing on telling the story of passionate mission-driven organizations. Our team consists of talented directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, editors, animators and sound engineers. Founded by James Hall in 2015, some other key members of the team include: 

Kolmel Love (animation), Jordan Dertinger (cinematographer, editor), Lisa Chamberlin (photographer, editor), Alex Albers (editor), Monica Pinzon (editor), Matt Piniol (cinematographer, editor), Magali Gauthier (photographer), Kirstina Sangsahachart (photographer), Sara Prada (photographer).

Onyx & Ash was founded by James Hall in 2015. With over 20 years of experience, James has produced documentaries for National Geographic, TIME, Al Jazeera and AJ+, among others. With Onyx & Ash, he has formed lasting and ongoing partnerships with dozens of nonprofits on wide-ranging issues: disability rights, criminal justice reform, forest conservation and restoration, refugee support, lung cancer research and patient support, LGBTQ advocacy and education, local youth music and culture education, food security, youth team sports in underserved communities, foster youth scholarships, child abuse prevention, domestic abuse survivors, independent investigative journalism, international micro lending, locally-led international community development... and much more.  

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